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Shirred Capelet

Lark Burger

For a different look, you can use other lace patterns for this project. Do keep a couple of things in mind as you consider patterns. The short rows you work in this garment add an entire pattern repeat, so using a 16-row pattern will make a ruffle because you've added 16 rows where there was only 1 row before. (However, that might be a very nice effect, so don't be afraid to experiment!)

The easiest patterns have 4-6 rows. If you find something you like that has 8 or 12 rows, with every other row worked plain, try leaving out the plain rows. That will shorten the pattern repeat so you get smooth short-row sections and also make the lace more open.

You also need to consider where to turn your short rows. Work some swatches and the best place to turn will make itself evident. Try to make your turns where there is a natural vertical line in the lace pattern; it will help disguise your turnings.

Chart for green swatch
Chart for green swatch
Green Swatch
The green swatch is knitted from a rayon/cotton blend and would make a very nice, drapey garment. It has an interesting texture that I wasn't able to catch in the photo. The pattern is 5 stitches across and 4 rows high. I turned on the first knit stitch after a full pattern repeat. The lighter-colored yarn threaded through the stitches highlights the area where where one set of short rows was added.

Snowdrop Chart
Chart for white swatch
Snowdrop swatch
The white swatch is knitted from a silk/mohair blend in the Snowdrop pattern; it is an example of a pattern in which the alternate plain rows can be eliminated. The original pattern was 8 rows and the green box outlines the pattern knitted as originally charted.

The section above the green box has the alternate plain rows eliminated and I moved down in needle size as I worked to find a size that I liked.

The section above the black lines is where I started working short rows; you can see how that part curves. The hem edge has 7 pattern repeats while the neck edge has 2 repeats. I turned the short rows on the knitted stitch just after the YO/s1-k2tog-psso/YO combination.

The green swatch would turn into a lovely garment to wear with a summer dress in a chilly office. The white swatch would work up into a delightful capelet to go with a prom dress. Imagine it with a ruffly, pink knitted flower on the front closing!

copyright- Lark Burger, 9-17-05