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Photo Scavenger Hunt!

To submit your contest entry for the photo scavenger hunt, please sent email to

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subject: hunt. In your email please send links to photos, and be sure to number them so that we can identify which photo goes with each hunt item. All entries due by Thursday at 5 pm. Happy hunting!

  1. Lace knit in variegated yarn

  2. A wedding ring lace shawl

  3. An incomplete lace project

  4. A lace project that boggles your mind

  5. An animal modeling lace

  6. Lace with ruffles

  7. Lace knit with chunky yarn

  8. Socks with lace

  9. The most amazing lace you've ever seen

  10. The shawl you would wear to a wedding

  11. The shawl you would wear to a nightclub

  12. A bride wearing knit lace

  13. A lace item that floats

  14. A man wearing lace

  15. Lace in a painting

  16. Unblocked lace

  17. Lace with an animal design

  18. Lace with a flower design

  19. Lace that looks easy

  20. Lace that looks difficult

  21. Lace project that you want to start RIGHT NOW

  22. Lace with fringe

  23. Blue lace

  24. Lace in a garden

  25. Lace with a shawl pin