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The goal of this quiz is to guess the name of the lace pattern from the clues given.
The pattern names can all be found on the web. Wherever a clue uses a language
other than English, quotation marks are used to draw your attention to it.
Please don't forget your name and email address so we can contact you about prizes!
KBTH Lace Quiz
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Rimed blossom:
Feathers of a large, flightless bird:
Glow from a wax taper:
Ripple on the sand:
DeLorean's unique door:
It's thrown at a stake in a game:
Charlotte made one:
Mickey's bane:
DeBeer shackle:
"Penne" + cooling device:
Product of an evergreen:
Pair of siblings from Lerwick:
"Pteridophyte" from Unst:
"Champ des fleurs":
"oculus" of an "avis":
"Viejo encaje español":
Net from Portuguese island: